Cape Grim Beef Ribeye MS2+

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Cape Grim Beef Ribeye MS2+

Cape Grim Beef Ribeye MS2+

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Country of origin – Australia

Cape Grim cattle is raised on the beautiful island of Tasmania south of Australia. 200 days of rain and moderate weather combined with Oceanside pasture on top of volcanic soil create a perfect eco-system for naturally raising beef on pasture. Cape Grim Beef is verified “Never Ever” meaning that our cattle is 100% grass-fed with no added hormones or antibiotics as well as being Certified Humane. Cape Grim Beef is a clean wholesome product from a pristine environment setting the standard worldwide for high quality grass-fed and humanely raised beef.

With their natural marbling, Cape Grim Beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and of the highest eating quality. MSA Graded to achieve 4 & 5 Star Grades across fine dining and retail cuts, rewarding you with pure beef flavour - made by nature.

Cape Grim Beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free

GMO Free

Free Range

From British Breed Cattle Only

Naturally marbled for maximum juiciness and flavor

Humanely & sustainably raised

Ribeye MS2+ (Steak Cut 250g each)