Clearwater Wild Sea Scallops (Extra Large) 2.27kg

Sea scallops
Clearwater Wild Sea Scallops (Extra Large) 2.27kg

Clearwater Wild Sea Scallops (Extra Large) 2.27kg

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This product is frozen.

Wild caught in Canada.

Our 100% WILD CAUGHT SEA SCALLOPS are shucked and dry frozen within an hour of catch without any add additives, chemicals and water to lock in freshness and natural moisture for minimum shrinkage and greater cooked yield.

Freezing-at-sea is the preferred scallop processing method, with independent research showing that frozen-at-sea scallops outperform land-frozen scallops on drip loss, cooked yield, flavour, texture, appearance and shelf life.

These exceptionally “dry” scallops with nothing added ensure perfect caramelization and searing every time. Guaranteed accurate sizes with less pieces. MSC Certified Sustainable. Individually-quick-frozen IQF for convenience and handling flexibility. This scallop will be a hit amongst your dinner guests!

Available in 1kg* and 2.27kg packs.

Each 2.27kg pack is estimated to contain 50-100pcs (Average 80pcs) of scallops.

*Our 1kg pack scallops are repackage from our 2.27kg original packaging under strict HACCP and ISO 22000 standards of hygiene and good practices. A thin protective layer of water glazing is added during the repackaging stage to maintain original quality.

While our scallop is sashimi grade, raw seafood is considered a high-risk food as it does not go through a cooking process. Raw seafood contains a higher germ count, which can increase if good hygiene practices are not observed during the preparation process, such as preparing the seafood with dirty hands and using dirty utensils and cutting boards. It is up to your own comfort level to eat it raw.
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