Fresh NZ King Salmon (Whole & Portioned)

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Fresh NZ King Salmon (Whole & Portioned)

Fresh NZ King Salmon (Whole & Portioned) ($70/kg)

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Approx. Weight Range 4-5kg ($70/kg based on packed weight)

Country of origin – New Zealand

Air-flown weekly, our beautiful New Zealand King Salmon are raised sustainably in the pristine waters of Marlborough Sounds. The cool, deep, crystal clear waters of the Sounds are ideal for salmon production with plenty of room with stocking rates resulting in around 2% of the sea farm volume being occupied by salmon and the remaining 98% being water. Our salmon are raised in an isolated area without the use of antibiotics, free of GMOs and are packed full of omega 3's, versatile to cook with and one of the lowest carbon footprints.

With the highest oil content of all salmon species, King salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein. Full of flavour with a deliciously delicate texture, it also has some of the highest omega-3 levels per serving compared to other salmon and seafood species, which helps support heart health, brain development and joint mobility.

Being an excellent source of high-quality protein, King salmon also offers a full complement of the vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids your body needs to be healthy. King salmon features vitamins A, B12 and D; along with niacin, thiamine, selenium and iodine. This powerful combination of essential vitamins, minerals & antioxidants are key for improving resistance and provide natural support to help keep your immune cells functioning at their best.

Our salmon shipment arrives every Thursday and is delivered to you at its freshest on Fridays. In the event our shipment arrives earlier, we will contact you for early delivery. We do not keep stocks, hence you will always be receiving your salmon in its freshest state.

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Note: Although every care has been taken to remove all bones some may remain.

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While our salmon is sashimi grade, raw fish is considered a high-risk food as it does not go through a cooking process. Raw fish contains a higher germ count, which can increase if good hygiene practices are not observed during the preparation process, such as preparing the fish with dirty hands and using dirty utensils and cutting boards. It is up to your own comfort level to eat it raw.

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